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Whilst men and women face many common health issues, there are also health concerns that specifically impact each gender. We provide reliable specialist consultations and care for a full range of women’s health issues at our modern clinics in Hervey Bay. Our experienced clinicians support women of all ages with a variety of different health conditions, as well as routine checks and family planning support.

Our award-winning team are caring and experienced, and are here to support local women with all of their healthcare needs. We aim for all of our female patients to receive the highest standards of medical advice and care. Contact a clinic for more information about our women’s GP services or to book an appointment.

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Medical Consultation — Women's Health in Fraser Coast, QLD
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Women’s Health Conditions

There is a range of health conditions that commonly affect women, especially as you get older. Women’s health needs also change substantially as you age. Men and women are naturally more likely to develop certain conditions and it’s vital for clinicians to understand the health risks affecting different groups. Our clinics provide dependable care and treatment for a range of women’s health conditions including:

Our GPs can help with reactive treatment as well as spotting the warning sides and providing preventative care for women facing a variety of different conditions. Of course, you can take steps to manage the risk yourself but it’s always worth seeking professional medical advice straight away if you have concerns or symptoms. We can provide prompt referrals to specialist clinicians if you need further care for a women’s health condition.

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Common Checks and Advice

There are a number of routine health checks that are recommended for women depending on your age and health. These include cervical screening, blood pressure tests, and mammography. We offer a safe and comfortable environment for many common women’s health checks, carried out by professional clinicians. If you’re unsure of what check-ups you need, our experienced staff are happy to help you with this based on your age and medical history.

Our team can also offer women trustworthy advice on a variety of general health issues like quitting smoking or losing weight. Our goal is to provide women in Hervey Bay with supportive, high-quality healthcare that tackles a range of issues and improves their overall wellbeing.

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Fertility, Pregnancy & Family Planning

Whether you’re pregnant, you feel ready to start a family or want to find the right contraception for you, our clinician team can help you. We’re experienced at providing family planning services. We offer confidential advice and support in an understanding and supportive environment, as well as prescriptions where necessary.

We know that your family planning needs are likely to change throughout your life. Our clinics provide comprehensive fertility, pregnancy, and family planning services for every stage. We’re committed to understanding your needs and preferences and helping you find solutions and services that support your wellbeing. We can also refer you to specialist practitioners for further care if necessary.

Woman Relaxing — Women's Health in Fraser Coast, QLD
Woman Relaxing — Women's Health in Fraser Coast, QLD
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Healthy And Happy Woman — Women's Health in Fraser Coast, QLD
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Our doctors can help by issuing prescriptions for a wide variety of contraceptive products. Through our clinics you can access a variety of contraception options including implants, IUDs, injections, and the contraceptive pill. We work with you to find the right choice of contraception depending on your individual needs. Our clinics offer a safe and trustworthy environment for you to discuss your needs for contraception.

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Women’s Health FAQ

A women’s health doctor specialising in helping female patients with a wide variety of health issues. This includes family planning and health issues that are exclusive to women, such as gynaecological conditions. Women’s health doctors can also help with general conditions that tend to affect women like osteoporosis.

You typically need a referral from your GP to see a gynaecologist. If you discuss your health concerns with your doctor they can advise whether you need to be referred to a specialist. You might like to make a general appointment once a year for a gynaecological health check-up or discuss any new concerns with your women’s GP.

Our female GPs have extensive knowledge of women’s health as well as general health concerns. If you feel more comfortable seeing a female GP for a standard appointment you’re welcome to request a female. Please let us know you’d prefer this when you book your appointment.

It’s easy to book an appointment with a women’s health GP at any of our clinics in Hervey Bay. If you’re interested in booking an appointment simply call the clinic or book online.