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Coal Board Medical—Health Assessments

A Coal Board Medical is a prerequisite medical examination required for anyone seeking employment in the coal mine industry. At Eli Waters Medical Centre, we offer these examinations across the Fraser Coast region, including Eli Waters, Burrum Heads and Hervey Bay Airport. Every coal mining company must ensure they organise a health assessment for each person they offer employment to—or those already employed as coal mine workers. A professional must carry out the medical examination before the person is employed and periodically thereafter—with a complete assessment performed at least once every five years. Prospective employees will complete an Interim Medical Assessment and enable the employer to assess your initial suitability for employment. The interim report contains no medical information, only the need for conditions (such as wearing glasses, hearing devices, etc.). Book an appointment for your Coal Board Medical assessment today.
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What Do We Assess During A Coal Board Medical?

Our doctors will question your medical history at your Coal Board Medical appointment and conduct a series of routine tests to assess your overall health condition. It is essential to regularly assess your respiratory health if you are working in the coal mine industry and exposed to coal mine dust.
Chest x-ray International Labour (ILO) Standard is a classification of radiographs of pneumoconioses which is the accepted international standard to describe abnormalities in chest x-rays that indicate pneumoconioses.
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Side Door — Health Specialists on Fraser Coast, QLD
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Eli Waters Medical Centre — Health Specialists on Fraser Coast, QLD
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Our award-winning medical centres provide accurate medical assessments, surgical procedures, disease management and more. As a family-focused practice, we have spent more than 17 years supporting Fraser Coast locals by promoting healthy lifestyles and living environments. Our medical professionals are passionate about preventive health measures, targeting risk factors and offering the community access to healthy living information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are laws protecting the confidentiality of the information contained within a Coal Board Medical. The results can only be released to the worker and/or an appointed representative. The legislation prohibits providing any documents other than ‘Section 4’ to the employer.

Please allow 2 hours for your medical.

Under Section 47 (3) of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulations 2001, the employer must pay for all or part of the Health Assessment cost and not only by the mineworker.

Health Assessment including Interim Medical Certificate or Section 4 – $396.00 (inc GST)

Section 4 extension (Currently valid for 6 months) – $66.00 (inc GST)

Instant Urine Drug Screen (UDS) $90.00 (GST n/a)

Please bring Photo ID, Medicare Card, Corrective Lenses and Hearing Aids (if worn) and wear loose, comfortable clothing.